Sunday, February 6, 2011


Everyday,I have been waiting for the right job to come my way,
This morning at Church God made a way,
to make me be encouraged today.
He has given me more hope,
for He knows, I have a hard time to cope
for it's hard to find a job,
volumes of people are looking for one,
lots of them end up having none.

Great that God gave me hope for tomorrow
My heart should not be in sorrow,
God comes in perfect time,
I will just sing praises to Him with a sound of a chime,
My hope for tomorrow, is in God's hand
I know he controls my life on this land
He just want a job with  purpose
So I will be of great use

I want  a Purpose driven life
because I want to be a blessing as a woman, a mother, and a wife,
That is my ultimate goal,
for that is deep longing of my soul,
So, I'm hopeful for tomorrow, not acting like weird
because I know I should be happy and be content like a bird!

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