Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FAITH- is the thing not seen , Yet U Believe- It will come True

When I decided to go back teaching, of course I seek God's leading because I have my children to consider.At least I could find a School where I could bring my kids even just at the School " Daycare Program for free" as part of a teachers benefit, knowing that daycare is a very high price to pay for 3 kids.I prayed and prayed, and seek God even when I was tired and frustrated of seeking, yet the FAITH in me that God has implanted long long time ago when I met Jesus in my life, I know God will lead me to the right path and right place to teach.

I tried to open, i saw hundreds of hirings, but i only consider 6 Schools so far out of hundreds of listings.You will be tempted to just apply anywhere else as long as you can get a job.But for me as a mom, and have 3 kids,I try to "consider things " aside from that...I gave all my time to my kids for ten years now (my eldest son), and my youngest is 5 year old...the time that i have invested upon them, the emotional upbringing,and emotional security that i have  nurtured in them,the love, and my "all the time presence for them "  is worth it for me to look for the best teaching place where my kids will be part of my benefit.

There are numerous Schools to apply,but the benefits for my own children is rarely a teacher can find.So, waiting for the best one is hard and the applying of " faith" inside you is also hard because you are putting your faith to a certain thing and situation where you have not seen the " outcome " yet. But sowing a tiny faith like a mustard seed with prayers and trust in God is worth doing for!!!

After months of searching and waiting...Faith-in getting the best place to teach is what i got after all!!!
Indeed,it came true at the right time, right place, the best part is I can bring my kids with me soon!

Therefore,working is not just about, work itself, it's not just a good benefit for myself ,but it's all about my family and my kids too.My life in teaching should involve with my kids as well.They are the ones that bring out the best in me.Aside from that, it give your spouse the ease of transition when kids are with you ,considering the drop off and pick up of kids,i have 3 kids to consider at all times, and no.1 is my husband to give him quite comfort in his daily routine,knowing that I am the one who at all times bring the kids and pick up the kids from school.

Jobs are anywhere,but if you put your family as part of your life while working,then i believe, for me I need to look for a job that will fit best to my family's need.I believe all mothers are like that.they always consider their children and spouse first, right? >>>FAITH-is the thing not seen, yet You believe-It will come true!

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