Saturday, March 12, 2011


Father God,You are the source of everything,you are a great God,a faithful God to all Nations.You are the only one who knows everything to what had happened in's a call of nature,we may not understand it how and why it happened that way...but You  who knows best.You have created this world and around the world this time its only you who knows whats going on...

We pray for safety,more provisions in their basic needs like food,shelter,cloting and more.Help the people  survive, believing that there are still so many people trying to survive and live.You are the God of miracle, you are the God of life, some people will see angels, and some people may even see you and heaven, as they try to breath and live!...I have seen a testimony before for some people who survived in 911 attacked...I heard them on TV...testifying what they have experienced with You.I know...numerous people are trying to live, numerous are even dead!...miracles still I believe it.There is only one God that can save the Nation of Japan and that is You.Save them,show mercy upon them,let them see light soon!

Save them from Nuclear Power plant...which is in need of repair right now,give them wisdom how to fix it, father God, show them who You are that You are the God of miracles, You are the God that can save lives, though you are also the God who takes lives(sometimes we may not get it...but its you who just knows)-yet they need comfort, and strength, endurance and perseverance.Let your angels come down from heaven in rescue.Stop the disaster God.Let it be no more...

I declare...healing, acceptance,new life, new prosperity,revival,new hope,new spirit of resilience,more blessings,restoration,in the land of :JAPAN! through your mighty name God (Jesus)...and so be I declare it!!!

God I am declaring it because there is power in our tongue as we confess and death is in the power of the this time I WILL CONFESS LIFE AND BLESSING FOR JAPAN.

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