Friday, March 4, 2011

God Uses Ordinary People

I remember there was an Old song Titled, God Uses Ordinary People, and I so loved that song
I picture myself as one of the ordinary people,with an extra ordinary job, or ministry.
God is so great to use us in many ways, it's up for us if we are willing to do it or obey it.
I guess, the doing part is the hardest thing to do.
God uses ordinary people like us.

I desire more from God this time,I desire Him to use me more in Hid Kingdom
He will never leave me, nor forsake me.People may end up breaking your heart
or hurting you,but God is absolutely not.
I found God faithful all the time.

It's my prayer, that He will use me in His own an ordinary woman
God can never be wrong,God is our assurance, our security,
God is our times of trouble.
God is there always for you.

If we are willing to be used...God is in charge with everything that we need,
He will meet all our needs,and bless us with abundant life, and he will make our lives a blessing
to others too.God uses ordinary people...I will never forget that I'm one of them...and my God
is an extra-ordinary one!!!

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