Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunrise looks Amazing this Morning

This morning I am very pump up to walk because the sun starts to shine when i opened my door! It was so fresh outside, and the sun encouraged me to go walking.I couldn't wait until I was done dropping my kids at School.While walking, wow! the sun is amazing!!! its race,shadows,sunlit that starts to drive the morning fog away, is so beautiful! what a nature!

I am thankful that I am back on track in thanking God for the day by walking in the morning and just see the glimpse of His nature, and just thank Him for everything, even for the un-answered prayers, even for the things that are not going right in my own sight but in Him He knows everything, He has a purpose why he allows things to happen at the moment.Yes, I thank Him for today.God is great!THE SUN IS BEAUTIFUL AND GOD CREATED ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME.

His favor endures forever!thank you Lord.Thank you,thank you,thank you!!!

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