Thursday, November 4, 2010

ASK,SEEK,KNOCK-Given,Find,Open Unto You

This morning during my devotion, God led  me to the word giving.Giving sometimes is painful to do especially when the thing that you will give is the last thing you have.But with God's principle,give 'til it hurts, and always after giving there's always a release of blessing that follows and God never missed that release of His bountiful blessings in my life...not even once.

Then I'm led to the words: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. I am thankful because that's what I need today.Meaning, sometimes or most of  the time we forgot to ask, seek, and  knock God's way of blessing us either in great health,healing,financial blessing, release from any bondages, and such.So, today, I will ask,seek, knock, God for what is due to me and my family.GOD I will ask You to release your blessings of great health, more sales in my eBay store,success in my online network, unity in my family, friends, and loveone's, I will seek your will in my life, and I will knock Your door in heaven until you release all what you got for me and my family.YES!!! I claim in Jesus name and so be it!!!

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