Saturday, April 26, 2014

Morning Date with my Friend

I slept late last night because it's spring break in our school. I like to watch movies when it's holiday or spring break, just to relax and unwind myself. I read books too for me to be encouraged in other aspect in life. So, I had fun and I slept at 3 in the morning today.Then, a friend of mine Irene, came and invited me to have a coffee at Starbucks before she left to her yoga class.

It was a short morning date,but worth it.It's a good way to keep in touch despite the busy schedule of my nurse friend.I simply love coffee dates, it's a simple joy for me to keep in touch with my love one's and friends.I am wondering if I would go back to take a nap later in the afternoon, because I only sleep for couple of hours.

Also, I am excited to do my new morning weight lifting and bike mode work out hoping it would prevent my migraine as I go along doing this in daily routine from now on even just for 30-1 hour a day or every other day.It's my goal to maintain my weight due to my scoliosis as well, at the same time, regardless of your structure I believe it's necessary to work out or take a walk, bike,or running, whatever works best for you to help keep your body healthy. Now, that the pace in life is faster than before, I realize that a regular walk or bike, or run, is good for ones health.I am not strict to my time of doing it in terms of "time/minutes". I started from 5-10 minutes, then, 15 minutes and so on. If I feel like doing it again for 5-10 minutes, I will do it, because, I rather choose to do it than not doing it at all. I follow my own way of doing it in a way that is comfortable to me, which makes me happy.

Though, my coffee with my friend is short, but I know she is having fun doing her yoga right now. I hope she will reach her goal of becoming more active and healthier is her lifestyle. The utmost goal of working out for me is not losing weight, it's the endurance of doing it, and becoming healthier person in the long run, as well as making it a part of your life.That is where I failed at some point of the year especially, during winter time.However, the quotation in life " the winner never quits but the quitter never wins" is applicable to keep on moving forward in working out (walk,run,bike...) until it will become a part of my lifestyle.It gives us a possibility to live a healthier and longer life, isn't it?

So, join me in taking time to walk, or bike mode in the gym,or run if you want, bike if you can, by taking it one day at time,hoping my migraine is prevented by doing this, maintaining good health, and making it as your additional hobby or outlet, or skill.

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