Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's almost Christmas!

It's almost Christmas! I can't wait to enjoy our two weeks vacation from School.
What are your plans these holidays? are you done with your Christmas tree? this is my first time to explore using artss and craft (to recycle tissue papers) and make it as my ornaments. I am partly done, hopefully tonight it will be finished. I will also place the cards whom the parents in my class gave me since.I have some collections of cards. The nice thing that I like with my idea of making the ornaments is that, I let my girls help me make those decorations and that's without perfection in making it. I want it to look more fun, homey, and more meaningful to the kids. Also, I will recycle those decorations during spring season.

Another plan, will be baking. I plan to bake more. Cooking during holidays is one of the routine that I have been doing since my kids were little, so they already expect me to cook,set up the table, and of course...the hot chocolate, the quilted white/red blankets, are ready in our cozy size couch to watch our favorite classic Christmas movies. This time, I am doing my "basic" crochet ...I would crochet a beanie,  a red crochet glass/cup holder, and a red crochet bow for spoon and fork, for Christmas Eve.I can't wait to play some board games, with my kids, cook and bake with them as well. This is the time that I want to make this Christmas.

What else, I will make and send letters and handmade picture album, poems, for my family in the Philippines. Maybe after Christmas, we would have joy ride around the City to watch Christmas lights, feel and touch the snow. All I want is simple...simple spending time with my family, and rest ...take time to rest in the presence of God...maybe write a journal while meditating His goodness and faithfulness in our lives through the years.

Last, if I would have extra time...a little time to re-arrange and organize some stuff at home, definitely throw some stuff away which are not necessary  anymore! and...of course...sending a balikbayan box to the my family in the Philippines is part of my holiday lists!I hope all of us will have a Merry Christmas!

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