Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goodnight World

The night is so quiet, I can only hear the clock ticking, telling me to go to sleep. 
Last night the rain was pouring where the sound was soothing to my soul, the pouring rain refreshed me from within.I slept earlier last night than tonight.Tonight is quieter...
It's nice to be in quiet mode, and quiet surrounding, only late at night.
In the morning, the noise starts to bug you to wake up and start working all day long!
When the day is done, your body is worn out and ready to rest...

I think more and be more creative at night time, 
But, tonight I need to go to sleep. It's not night time, nor midnight anymore...it's past midnight where most people are sound asleep.
I just appreciate the quietness.
When I was a little girl, I remember there were times of the day where, the surroundings were quite, or maybe I could only hear the birds chirping, or the sound of a rooster.
I could still hear the sound of the wind slowly blowing, as I smell the fresh leaves, flowers,after the rain.
Now, all day long...you hear all kinds of sounds/noise...where it's harder to be in quiet moment.
Quiet moment is now a choice, not run by time itself unlike when I was a little girl.

So far, I love the quietness tonight...tomorrow will be another day to work in this bustling world.
I am happy to hear nothing except  my ticking clock.
God will give us another beautiful day to live despite this busy world...

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