Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make Reading a Habit

I am not a consistent reader, but I read every now and then. Reading relaxes me. It gives me insights, encouragement in life. When I need a new idea, I look for something that I can read. Reading gives you healing, sometimes, it becomes your friend, a hobby...and when you start reading the story that you like...you don't want to let go your book...you will finish it instead.

This time I am reading a book about " The Slight Edge " which encourage you to mold, sharpen yourself first, and do a good habit one day at a time...it will become a big progress overtime. It's easier to progress our life when we develop a good personal habits. I like the book and I almost done reading it. The author Jeff Olson, mentioned some great books for personal development that I already read. So, the book is relatable to me as well.

Making it a habit to read can be a good hobby, and it develops your reading skills and language skills too in the long run. Read one day and even few pages at a time, then you will realize that you have been reading all the time.

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