Wednesday, December 10, 2014


At work I found a friend, she's bubbly, humorous, funny, she makes you laugh at all times!
When we work together we have no dull moments...we can create any funny scenarios that can brighten our day as we work with little kids.
There are times we send each other messages to give us a heads up of what to expect in class, or just check if I am fine and likewise.
She is such a blessing to work with...I am bless to have a partner who is smart, thoughtful, and very helpful.

These past few days I just need an encouragement, and my friend is been there until I feel better. I couldn't wait to send her a thank you note last night before I went let her know that is important and valued.
Good friendship either at work, outside work, needs to be nurtured, and be respected, both friends.
Having someone to listen to you, unexpectedly, someone would check if you're fine is very touching.
The world is so busy with work and extra activities here and there, but true friendship that is simple, in just simply being there to listen, stand up with you, encourage you, love you , concern about your well being, for me in these priceless!

May she be blessed in her life more abundantly, may she find God's favor all her life.I want to see my friend prosper in a good way for I know that she would be a great blessing to many. Cheering me up yesterday at work and allowing me to see myself deeply sad of life's circumstance...her reminder to cheer up, was an awesome way to tell me...that "smile because the world is smiling with you!"

Friendship is a gift.

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