Wednesday, September 8, 2010


California is one of the States that have been  hit by serious economic crisis due to the Financial budget that has been mess up for a long period of time until now.Other States may have start recovering, but here in California, lay-offs is still going on, cutting of budgets still going on as well.My hubby's wwork is still even planning to cut more workers.Me, I'm a product of a "Budget Cut " School teacher like I work as an On Call for 5 months now.It's hard to look for a full time job.

Obviously, if I'm at home,if not called to work, of course I need to work  home like cleaning the house,arranging, changing mats, rugs, etc. When I badly needed a new set of rug at home, well it's not my best idea to buy a new one.It's not that expensive but it will basically add more expense.

What I did, I went to my favorite Thrift Store, and look for a slightly used bathroom rug. I found one new set, and I placed it in our Suite room and i bought it really cheap. But the other one is not matched.The color is off- white the one that you will put under the bowl. You will see it in the picture.Then, I just used my flower rug on the side -which is obviously not matched but the color is quite close to each other.The center of the flower is colored off -white though and the flower is pale pink.I just arranged the bathroom floor really well and put some decoration to accentuate the place and clean it up,dis-infect, and that's it. I have a clean, fresh bathroom.Mix-matched within your budget is in, at this time of crisis. It's on how you play around whatever you have at home.

Yes, even if it's matched everything yet it's a messy area, still it doesn't look good, rather than it's mixed-matched but its all arranged, and well decorated with simple accents to add beauty in your bathroom, it will make a difference interms of the " looks " in your bathroom.

This is just one tip for one simple budget,yet worth it to try and explore!

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