Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodbye, Bottled Water

It's been a while I never bought any kind of bottled water.I drink tap water for quite sometime now.Maybe because I get use to bottled water, it's hard to get back to an old style of drinking - our own tap water.I found a way to make it taste good, or somehow have a fresh non-artificial flavor.I just put a lime, or lemon cut into half or unripe green orange and cut into half and just simply put in the water with ice.It taste good to me, it has a fresh flavor without any sugar. I never squeeze it.Now at home me and my family drinks in our own faucet. We always try not to buy bottled water outside, not unless if we have no other choice.

It's a little change in my daily lifestyle,but it helps cut our expenses.If I buy a box of bottled water weekly, and one box is worth $4.00 including tax, multiplied by 4 (4weeks) = $ 16.00 each month, multipled by 12 months = $ 192.00 which means this is the amount I can save for a year without buying bottled water at all.

You can try it.It has pure Vitamin C.

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