Friday, October 1, 2010


Here in California, we have a high sales tax which is 9.25% and if you have three children and all of you are five in the family,then that's a thing that you need to consider before spending anything, of course that is in accordance with your income or just simply frugal.Big size carpets are quite expensive plus sale tax, so it would cost more.Carpets can accentuate the beauty in your home.There are also times that the carpet will retire and to be thrown away where no matter how you clean it up, it's just it's time to let it go.
I went to thrift store.Brand new quilted comforter are pretty expensive (just like the carpet) because of the style how it's being sewn " it's quilted ". But when the quilted comforters would go to thrift stores, it will only cost between $ 2- 6.95 and the difference is big.Plus, if you can find a nice color then the effect is pretty, and you can wash the quilted blanket when it gets dirty.So, I decided to transform the quilted comforter that is not being used into a floor carpet---easy to clean, just wash it,dry it, and put it back on the floor, and it will last longer you know why? because of the style " it's quilted "the way it being sewn is quite stronger.The ones on the pictures are real quilted comforter that I presently use as my floor carpet.Most of all  I enjoy doing it!

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