Friday, October 1, 2010


If you are out of budget, and would like to change your pillow case so badly. One of the creative ways i did to my pillow cases was to use my old skirt.The one in the picture is my skirt, which I never  use anymore.What I did was put the pillow inside the skirt and sew  both edges of the skirt . I used a blanket stitch when i had it sewn.Still the color of the pillow case matches my seat cover.You may have old skirts or any old fabrique that you can recycle instead of buying. My simple concept at home is that, I will decorate my home in accordance with my affordability, meaning I don't necessarily need to buy because I want to decorate my home and spend money on it.No. I let myself learned to go around my closet and look for something that can be of good use.It's all about neatness, and cleanliness, and how well you arrange the house that matters, for me it doesn't necessarily go with high end or brand new products.This is just one of my ways to simplify my expenses and try to save more.

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