Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This is a " Phantom of the Opera " 18K coated gold ENAMEL Trinket Box. It has an authenticity card with it. Ever since I got here in the States, I love " Thrift Stores ". I got a job as Preschool teacher after a couple of months I got here. Down the road on the way to the place where I was teaching, I found these two Thrift Stores.I was new here. I did not want to bother my hubby to buy me expensive things, because when I was in the Philippines, he already bought a lot of things for me and that was enough. I knew he worked so hard for me and my son at that time, so I did not want to add more burden on him, it terms of clothes, shoes, Jacket, jeans for winter.

One day, after work, i was driving I dropped by at this one best Thrift Stores I have ever known. They have great products either new or pre-owned (used ones).It has become my Mall ever since, until now.I never know, as years go by, I will make extra income from that Thrift Store.

Then, I was already selling on eBay a year ago, while browsing the different categories on eBay, I saw these collectibles and trinkets.I looked for it and read the description.After that, I ask my hubby to upgrade my cellphone and put an internet connection, so when I go to the Thrift Stores, if I see a nice sellable item, I will search it on ebay through my cellphone.There!it made a good blast!

I saw this one new Phantom of the Opera trinket box.It was in the box, with authenticity card, and the trinket was so fine and really I knew somebody would buy it.

Finally, I put it on auction sale on ebay and I started it from $100.00, for 7 day bidding. There was one person who bid it. That person won.You know how much that trinket box worth when I bought it? I only bought it for  only $ 12.00 at my favorite Thrift Store.This trinket box is sold already.This is just one of my BEST BUY, BEST SOLD items on eBay.I was curious who bought it, so, I searched the buyer,then I found out the buyer is a PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Collector.

I have never expect in my whole life that one day  the Thrift Store that I use to go, would become  my source of income especially in this time of financial crisis.Though, I believe that this is just one way of how God have showed me His own way of providing my own income.

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