Tuesday, September 7, 2010

$1.00 Arabic Neclace Bought at Flea Market sold at $15.00 on eBay

Two years ago, I went at the flea Market.It's one of the best places to buy my eBay products.Buy Cheap earn big.One day, I bought a lot of $1.00 summer neclaces.But one of those neclaces I bought are very unique.

I love the neclace, the hook locked.It's the bling-bling that made the neclace looked gorgeous.Why ? its because of the " Arabic Engraving." I loved  to collect it,but my purpose of buying it was because of my eBay business.I need to sell it. I was in doubt to sell it because, it has no Brand Name but the Arabic engraving is the one that looks gorgeous in that item.

After two years of keeping it.I decided to sell it on eBay for 30 days in the amount of $15.00. If I bought it for a dollar and sold it for 15 box minus the eBay final value and listing fee, let say I will get $10.00 from it.Still the net is more than the amount when i bought it which is only $1.00.I just sold it on eBay.

This is just one of my best buys and best sold items on eBay.

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