Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This summer here in california doesn't really look like summer to me.It might be sunny but at the same time it's cloudy.We just experienced over a hundred degrees just last week or two, which is quite late.It's September already, not so much with the fun in the sun.

Today,before six in the evening, it's already getting dark.It should still be sunny.Well, I am hoping that before the official Fall will come I could still enjoy the sunny part,there's still an Indian summer though.Well hopefully.

While browsing in the internet this late afternoon,looking outside my window,the weather doesn't seem right.It looked like winter to me,breezy,cold, dark, gloomy.I only see it during winter time.

Well,even if the weather doesn't seem right to me,I would still acknowledge God, and praise Him even the weather is against my mood today.He knows what's best for us, He knows the weather around the world.So, I will end up night thanking Him for the " winter like weather ."

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