Friday, July 16, 2010


I had a class online in one of New York's best online class for short courses like Blogging. It was then I knew some of the terms about blogging. But as the time passed by,those blogging idea i had left behind. Now that i want my own kids to like and appreciate reading, not necessarily loving it, but at least they will read because it's part of their education.Me as a mom who is a teacher, i decided to have them see me reading i come, this is my 4th book to read. This book is from : Tris Hussey.

These Top 10 worst domains were found by independent sources:

* Who represents -

* Experts Exchange -

* Pen Island -

* Italian Power Generator -

* Therapist Finder-

* Mole Station Native Nursery -

* Lake Tahoe -

This is a good hint for me to watch as i move on to my book reading review about blogging.

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