Friday, August 20, 2010


Two days this week, while watching my daughter from teeth recovery, I made used of my time to declutter my house. Thank God! majority of the house is clean, well arrange,well decorated.Praise God for the wisdom, on how to finish it fast like before friday comes.When I was done with all those plan, I appreciate the value of planning how to make the house in order. I just figured out that my youngest one is in the  right age to be trained to help clean up the mess that are appropriate to her age.I thank God so much for the focus, and determination, in order for me to accomplish it while using my time as I watched my child recovering.To declutter a house is not an easy task, it needs focus, and a right plan. I came up to a decision where I need to do it now.

Eventually, right before friday, everything is done.Thursday, night was my plan to do the grocery and  cook food, and marinate pork meat for " adobo " for Saturday plan to bring the kids at Six Flags -   I was happy  cooking the Tilapia fish to steam it, and it taste good! no fats and calories included, pure steamed meat! I also cooked  sinigang soup for my kids and wow! my kids love it!!! Yesterday, was a day to prepare all my food for tonight and tomorrow.At least tomorrow morning I will slow cook my marinated pork meat to be brought with us for lunch at Six Flags.

Tonight is Friday!!! I came home very relax, and when I went inside the house... I felt so cozy in my own home. What a cozy friday! It feels great when I get home that the house is decluttered, and food is ready to eat, my comfort area where I do my online business is well arranged and decorated.It's so serene and peaceful...a great place to relax after a week of work. My kids are relaxing too because their place is also decluttred.I'm blest that it's not just me that enjoys the cozy friday but as well as my kids.What a cozy friday I have today. To have a cozy friday at home is to plan ahead, and finish the task before friday and you will end up having a cozy friday.

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