Friday, August 20, 2010


One of the experts said that one way to move on to your daily work at home with peace and serenity in your mind, is first to declutter your home.Well, in my own opinion it's true. This week my daughter just had her teeth fixed.I wasn't able to go to work then to watch her.Every time, she was sleeping and resting, I took time to declutter my home.Fall classes is coming fast by September.It's just a perfect time to clean the mess and start arranging the things in order especially that two of my children will be going to School.I started at the receiving room,took all the things that will not be used anymore such as mails, old magazines.sweeping the floor,took out the cubwebs away! then, I refill the candles with new ones, and put a  fresh flower in my zen.Instead of buying a new carpet, I use or recycled my old quilted comforter and use it as a carpet.We agreed in the family to take off our shoes before going inside the house.

Second,was my family room.My family room was open and there's loft in it, for the toys to play with the children I had before in my childcare.Now, I turned my loft into a small bedroom tent as my kids call it.I empty the loft, disinfect the floor, and clean up the glass wall.Then I put a bedfoam on the floor to make it their bed.On top of the loft I put a canope with paper lamp at the center on top.The canope is made of crochet blanket. I just recycled it and make use of it.I threw all the things that the loft never used anymore.

Third was my Online store office. I just arranged everything and it's all done right as well.The room across our suite room was no use at this time, so I decided turn it into my comfort area, where I put one coctail small table and one coctail chair with my Laptop. One big couch leaning on the french window, where I covered it with my recycled crochet blanket. I cleaned up the floor, and put my collection of recycled quilted blanket and the floor look pretty.Of course I threw all unnecessary things away!

Now, three areas in my house are well decorated and well arranged and decluttered! Our suite room will be my last project, its putting away old clothes and send it to the Philippines for this coming christmas as part of my family christmas giving project. My kitchen is decluttered too, and placing the sugar, creamer, coffee, into the right container.A little bit of enhancing by placing a curatin at one of the wall shelving adds beauty in the kitchen.

Tonight, I'm ready to move on with my blog hopping, and writing, as well as selling on my ebay!yey!!! decluttering the house is one of the best first thing to make sense in doing other jobs.It gave me a peace of mind, order in what i need to be doing next and so on,It gives me quiet rest when I get home, and it gives the children a homey environment.As what the motto keeps saying : " Cleanliness is next to Godliness".Being in tune with God's voice is easier for me to hear when the house is decluttered.

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