Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last Saturday night was the main event of our Camping at Don Pedro California.It's about 3 hours drive from where we live.It was a very fun night for everybody not just adults, but as well as kids. The main reason I really went there was for my kids to enjoy playing with other kids and for them to meet new and old friends. It's summer, so it should be fun for them if camping in one of the lists of all activities throughout the summer season.

That night all people where having fun, me I was singing, and dancing, I just wanted to relax and have fun.Obviously, all kids were enjoying, and I never knew, that S'mores meaning : Keep a marshmallow warm with a fire was one of their main night event. It's a traditional nighttime campfire treat popular here in the United States, and Canada, consisting of a warm or roast marshmallow and a layer of chocolates between two pieces of graham cracker.So, me and Hannah keep a marshmallow warm with a fire and it tasted good indeed!!!

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