Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Develop your Blog Content by Joining a Contest

I was blog reading in my cousin's  blog.While reading her posts, I read this SEO contest at Evoire.com  from August - October 2010.I decided to join this week. I was able to write 5 articles so far. My goal is to promote my blog, make friends with other bloggers, and I found out that it's easy to communicate in the environment.My other goal is to develop my writing content, and learn to deal with pressure, and challenges from other bloggers.My own blog is my long term plan, I am working on this  one step at time because I have 3 kids, and I have other small online business, at the same time I teach.

This time, I have seen that my blog is ready to venture another level of experience. My brain is popping out to share what I learn and experience in my life's journey. So, here I am  joining the SEO contest which I never planned  to do. I  never expect  also that 2 of my articles are among the top 10 popular posts at  http://www.Evoire.com/  My 2 popular articles are : 1. Steps to Sell on eBay   2. Use the Internet for Online Business. I also have an article about the Best Websites to sell Online.I will be writing more...

Please read my articles at  http://www.evoire.com/  and let me know your opinion.They have their own qualifications to win,but the most important thing that I am doing which I enjoy in this contest is the process of looking the write content, and the fun of meeting new bloggers,the chance to read and research your niche,  the bloggers opinion and encouragement, So, the Social media networking is one way to promote your blog and yourself.It's not just about winning.I am not promoting the Evoire  website,this is based on my expeience this week, because it's been couple of days since I wrote my articles that 2 of them are still on the popular posts knowing that there are already more than 125 articles published. I found the contest fun, and interesting!

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