Wednesday, December 8, 2010


This tough time, hard work is more needed, though a person may not like the situation.Sometimes the situation would lead us to work more, because if not, we will be far left behind.God is the only source of hope to sustain us with grace and endurance.It's hard, the sweat of it, at the end, will turn into sweet life.God alone can save our bodies from deep usage of work throughout the day, some throughout the night.No more strength is left, yet the situation demands yourself to work.You think about your family and kids, your time with them should still be a quality one...but all areas in life have demands, your spiritual life, your outside job,  home mortgage, your environment needs it.God  is still there in tough time and hard work....He is the creamer in my coffee to make it taste sweet despite its bitter taste. To God be the glory!!!

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