Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last monday, the Oakland Police Department just laid -off 80 Police Officers. Oakland is a big
City here in the Bay Area. Different crime is one issue that Oakland needs Police
Officers.Teachers are laid -off in different Cities.Even at the School where I am teaching right
now they just laid -off teachers. I remember, in our country " Philippines " if you are working in
the Public School or any Government Sector, you will never be laid-off. Working in the Government
in the Philippines is your security until you retire.

Here, in California this is one of the States that is affected in terms of Financial Disaster. Way
back then years ago, the budget here is messed up already and then as years went by...recession happened. During the first part of recession here in the States, I still had my Home Childcare. So, I could watch the news more often.I saw in the TV news how people got laid -off and how they
felt. I saw the despair on their faces. All I did was in-trust them to God, and prayed for them.
I just never thought that since the recession happened, until now, there's still a vast lay-off. One
more thing that hurt me is the hours, some Companies they decided not to lay - off but they cut
the hours. So, you have the job, yet it's not full time anymore, then what will happen to the
benefits? either cut in half ? or none at all ? how about to those elderly ones? who needs proper
health insurance? yet their hours were cut or shortened.That's what happened in my
Childcare-parents got laid -off, some the hours were shortened, if your faith in God is not that
strong, it would really cause depression in a period of time to some people, and whoever they are they need prayers.

In general, though America is a great Nation a land of milk and honey, yet this Nation needs
prayer. This Nation has a great role for peace and unity around the world in the near future.This is the Nation that helps many people from many Countries.I am just encourage to pray, and talk
about it, because I also experience the kind of job that other people have experienced. I wasn't
laid -off, but I closed my Childcare, because most of the parents got laid-off, I work this time
as an on call Teacher, still waiting for the full time spot, to be opened by Fall, by God's grace.Before writing this blog tonight, i tried to check jobs on craigslist in education area, it's hard to look for one, many are hiring- yet part time teaching.

Indeed,our job can never be our security for a lifetime...IT'S GOD THAT IS OUR FULL SECURITY.In moments like this, I have learned to live one day at a time, just like the " Mana "every single day I go out with faith, and get God's provision, and never worry for what I will eat for tomorrow. This is just my personal opinion.Let's continue to pray for the whole Nation, and all over the World!

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  1. i live one day at a time too .... when will you come back? we were like batchmates sa ministry ...
    apparently, got no batchmates left .... hehe ...