Thursday, August 5, 2010


I really miss home my beloved country Philippines!!! I am proud to be a Filipino!!! I love our own product as well. That arrangement i made are big shells, a native bag from my beloved friend Susan from the Philippines.That bag, it's been with me for two years now.I put " sungka " at the front as we call it our own country. One flower vase which i filled with medium sized shells and i tied a shell neclace around  the vase.The antique clock is also the one that adds the beauty on the table.There's one peach color candle on the left which i used a recycled yellow bowl, and recycled green saucer at the bottom.The table is antique too. All those decorations are recycled.Nothing is new. I spent quite enough time to look for many, many, shells for my home.My candles, my own sungka, vase,shells are from the thrift stores.My antique clock is from the garage sale close to my house.I love doing this and it gives me some relief from tired soul...there's no excuse not to decorate a home with  less expensive things.Nothing is even brand new!!!
These decoration is placed on top of the Piano whom my beloved mother-in-law gave to my children. I bought these glasses from the thrift store close to my house, as well the collections of shells.You can see my other zen if you can see the reflection of the mirror.Of course i took time to arranged the shells in each of
the glass.Least expensive, everything is recycled, I try to decorate my home without any excuse of the need to buy new things just for me to be able to decorate, or to give myself an excuse not to decorate because
everything needs to be new.That is not true in my own opinion.
This is my last arrangement for the day.If you see this picture, you are looking at  vintage items.This a small table where i get my sugar, creamer, and coffee.
As a stay home mother, these are the few things that i love doing that makes me feel's kind of therapy for me, as what my friend Susan told me.Both of us would love to go to flea markets and thrift stores as well as garage sales hunting for inexpensive things that can enhance the look of a home.Until now, some things i cannot let go of doing, that is decorating and arranging my home...which that made my own children a home body for now , and telling me mom, i love this home, this is home and that is a huge compliment for me to hear it...they love to see my home in different ways of " simple style " yet cozy to stay in.

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