Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I always feel good for the rest of the day, when I could have a mug of start my day, especially that the cat is away! and today, is my first day to excercise!!! yes, doing it before going to the rest of the activities today. In two weeks time excercise progress will be in great SHAPE!!! " Just catching up before Fall season starts...while the glorious sun is still there to offer me a great sweat."
This is our first schedule for today August 24, 2009.I brought them with me at USpostal warehouse to experience how to drop shipments from my ebay customers(This is my part-time job). Each of them is compensated every time I asked help like lifting the medium sizes of boxes, to let them know, their help is valued and appreciated, even if the load is not that heavy but helping me is also a great reward from them.They put their money in their piggy bank after...or treating them at Mcdonald.

All of us with the kids in my Daycare,we went to USpostal office to drop the boxes from ebay.

Then i brought them to the park to have fun, because next week fall classes will start.When she landed, she said, i'm ready for my Ballet lesson love to call their mom isn't it?

My angel Daniel is trying hard to hanged on to the bar! she said, I want to stay to play mama.

Dindo said hi! he has a teary eyes today, he said, i love my papa.

Hannah said, hello papa! and...i took a shot!

The excellent helpers in my Daycare.They are compensated. I value their hard work as a team! Right now, we work together at home...these are my three lovely children!

I took a full view shot, to make sure the front yard is well cleaned up for next weeks class. And when the cat will come back the house is clean!!!

We cleaned up the front yard, it's clean now.we moved all the tykes at the backyard.

Those who need a home-setting Pre- School, my ad is ready to let you know, I have opening.Anyway, for credential question for the safety of your kids, I am a Certified California Licensed of 14 Capacity Childcare Provider for almost five years now. My CPR is current, as well as my Health and Safety Training.

I put back the Bright Rock Home Pre-School Decals on the truck.Ready to pick -up kids!

My last list for the day is to clean up the mess inside the truck.Next week, School starts. To God be the glory!!!Thank You Lord!!!

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