Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lord, after having a busy day, I don't want to sleep without thanking You for sustaining me with your grace...I may still have things that I have not finish today, but today has enough things that You have laid for me, and the rest will be enough for tomorrow. I thank you for the wisdom that you gave me, to give something for my buyers in ebay today. I pray that as they read the thank you letter, i pray that You will touch their hearts when they read the words " Jesus love's you! and God bless you ."I believe, it will make a difference now that people need one another to reach us out that someone is up there who is willing to give our lives right now a hope. I hope that they will follow me here on my daily blog.

Thank you,Lord for my family.We, are all healthy,happy, and favored by You. I pray that you will continue to find a way for those people who needs a job to find one, and for those people who finds a shelter, that they will find one as well.Bless the children that needs a home.Thank you, I give You all the glory and honor and thanksgiving...

I just really want to say thank You!!!

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