Sunday, June 24, 2018

Trusting Him in Times of Loss

There are events in our personal life that it's hard to understand, especially when losing love one's in just a year apart. I want to remember what God has said : "Trust in me, even when you don't understand." When my dad passed away last December 22nd, I heard God's voice : "New Life.Past is past. There comes new life." Still, I was taking my time to cope with the loss of my mom and dad until now. 

Two months later, I got a new offer in my job to teach in TK this coming new school year. I was in awe! I thought... Are you sure Lord? God said: " Remember, you have been praying for this for many years...and even if your parents have passed away...I your God is able to take good care of you!" I cried for joy, knowing that God is there carrying me through...I felt like my World and my clock stopped when both my parents passed away...I felt completely disoriented and lost for a time...

After sorrow, there is joy to follow...However, it does not mean I am not mourning anymore..I am. I still am. I try to give time to grieve...I try to remember good memories of my dad and mom. Whenever I do something good...I remember them both thinking...they must be proud of me. Sometimes, when I get favors from God, I thought...maybe my mom and dad kept on knocking God's door to bless me. (smile).

Life is full of uncertainties. Only in God we can trust our future. He promise us that He will be there with us not just in good times...even in unfavorable moments. The best thing, I experience with Him is that...He is there when I don't understand the situation in my life...He never left me until now...God is there...present.

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