Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's still winter here, most of the time it's hard to get up and motivate yourself to praise God for what He has done for the day. I like the winter leaves, because soon I will miss it...sooner the flower starts to come out from its sleeping bud for spring season.Spring is coming so fast after february, you will start seeing the fresh bud opening its tip. a lot of trees here died during winter, it turns out the surrounding to look gloomy and add sadness to some people even depression.But when Spring comes, those twigs of the tree - has buds in it...and as the spring season goes by the bud starts to sprout, and during the full season of spring all buds have fully blown into red flowers and its pretty, lovely, that it amazes me how God can turn the tree with just twigs in it into having lots of flowers all over it. The name of the tree is " Magnolia Tree " my favorite tree since the time I arrived here in California.

Today, I will declare God's lovely beauty to appear in my home.Even in this gloomy winter which sometimes lead me to be stucked at the corner because of the weather, yet there's a another pretty, and lovely, season that awaits, for me to feel fresh in spirit, even fresh renewed inside and out.I should not lose hope in this stagnant, and gloomy modification of mortgage which really lead me to stay at the corner. I should declare another season of love in my home, even in the midst of this mortgage plateau period where I don't know when is the time to hear the result- either approve or not. All I need to do is wait this season to change-this mortgage to change, and In Christ I believe I have something to declare and I have something that awaits and it's worth waiting for...and that is a season of love, a season of beauty, a season of freshness in the family, even in the midst of this mortgage uncertainty, yet I have a choice to see beauty on the other side of that dead tree which it can flourish beautiful lovely flowers in another season. So be it God, in your own perfect time...

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