Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This flower is the most memorable Valentines gift for me, because Larry prefers a kiss than a flower , because he said, a kiss will last forever but a flower will die...So a day after Valentines day, i took a picture for a lifetime remembrance...THIS IS ONE OF MY DECLARATION FOR MY 30 DAY DECLARATION ABOUT MY HOME...and as i keep on declaring To God to save my home,God is also touching our hearts...in a very different way...look, my hubby gave me a flower!
A day after valentines day, we stayed home, and i just love the morning sunrise that welcomes the day for spring season to come.So,we all went outside and had breakfast while checking my ebay, and larry's cleaning up the truck.

I really, appreciate my hubby's language of love, though they were not raised to work at home,but his love for me is service.And I believe the language of love that he love from me is my quality time, affirmation, and assurance.
Below is Dodins, my only son.I'm busy training my kids to help me work at home, finally, three of them are well trained.My principle for their lives is that, we never know what comes after tomorrow, they need to learn to stand by their own feet, and be independent, and be dependent in the Lord.They need to learn the basic survival in life, and having fun as a kid, and supporting them in their lessons at School .Dindo's love for me is service and quality time-My three kids love to stay home...a home body.

Hannah will be 4 year old this March yet she can help in a household chores like wiping the table, putting the placemats, putting the dishes away, same way with Daniel.Three of them, are my great helpers in my ebay business such as putting all shipping boxes to USPS drop box, bringing the boxes at the car.At last they are very good in cleaning up my Daycare area at home.In return they have rewards. I really value their efforts of helping me, making me happy every single day of my life with them.They know the my time that i have been giving to them, and they know that they are their papas joy.
In week of declaring God's miracle in my home to be modified...when I'm caught up with my job at home, I always declare every single day this one important statement of declaration yet powerful because God has given us the authority to claim it because it's our heritage and that is :" LORD, I CLAIM MY HOME. I CLAIM MY FAMILY. "
I never missed a day to declare it until now, because I know it will lead God to perform a miracle regarding our house, in my family.
Indeed, today...I declare again: LORD I CLAIM MY HOME! so be it Lord in Your own perfect time...

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