Saturday, April 10, 2010


WOW! a lot of things happened in previous months,which i really thought it would be easy to keep in touch day by day or even week after week in my blog...but it's not.Until now, having this amazing strength deep within me that comes only from my omnicient and omnipotent God who drives me to be resilient,vigilant, and enduring in my faith with regards to my present mortgage battle, I just praise God that until now my family is still staying in our home, despite the high magnitude of pressure that we feel every now and then - the fact that the time of " Default " is uncertain, but it's known to happen any time....

I have learned to stand up, stand in the gap, in my family.I learned to constantly talk to God to avoid depression and never be frustrated - talking to Him every late at night brings comfort to me,healing in my inmost being.The strength in me is building up more and more every single day,where it lead me not to be scared about anything, in any way, yes, it's hard, but I'm not afraid . In fact, my adversities as I deliver it to God every single night, which gave a twist effect- instead of losing confidence and losing my self esteem, it builds up more confidence and self esteem ,I feel more secured, and value in the sense that I know that what is happening right now is a worldly battle, and I am God's soldier who is called to fight for this battle,and aim to win it!!! and until now, I am still aiming to win the fight, and that's what make myself more courageous each day ,because God values our effort and willingness to face life's battle.He never discourage us, instead, He pushes us everyday move on and win the fight and NEVER RETREAT NEVER SURRENDER!!! I said : NEVER!!! ( to myself) hahaha!

I have a God who is the greatest and the most powerful God of all, who teaches me, and coaches me to face life, without any doubt.He teach me not to compromise in His principle,but to stand firm and tell the people that hey, God is the God of all gods...His principle cannot be waived or changed.Absolutely not!!! So, here I am at the moment,standing stronger each day, with a great hope and courage, waiting for Him to move this mountain in His own perfect time.Timing is the best quality in perfecting the resolution of any adversity in life.That's why the word "wait" in the Bible has a great significance in our lives---because that means waiting for the " perfect time " in order to resolve the problem perfectly, as a whole...and our lives will be "perfectly" renewed as a whole as well , facing a new day and dimension in life with new hope, perfectly renewed life and soul, I would say perfect because it is being reolved in " HIS PERFECT TIME". As what the Bible says: " They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength,they shall rise up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary , they shall walk and not faint..." I always ask God to teach me to wait, and wait, for the perfect time to judge my house- " mortgage dilemma", in His own perfect far hahaha! not now....He still ask me to wait...and He is building up more strength deep within me at the order for me to rise up with wings like eagles...when His judgement for my house comes...either to let us stay here and get an approved loan modification, or letting us reside in a new home...THE SPIRIT within me LIKE AN EAGLE IS READY!!!

The best thing is in my time of waiting....He is building me up with courage, strength, confidence, and security in His presence.Right now, I am still standing strong by His grace, I'm joyful with my kids, and the spirit within is leading me to be resilient every single day.The smile in my face, and the laughter is definite and absolutely transparent.The joy of the Lord is my strength!!! I know that despite the adversities, God knows that I never waived and never surrender my faith-I never do!!! and most of all it's been my claim not to take advantage of whatever this world can offer-I STILL ACKNOWLEDGE GOD'S GREAT PROVISION in my daily living, and never compromise His principle in resloving problems in life.

Lastly, I praise Him, I thank Him, I give Him all the glory and honor for all the things that He has done in my life.My life is worth living for with Him every single day.I will never give up my faith, I will never give up the fight, because winning the fight is what God has designed for all of us.As what the Bible says: " We are the head and not the tail." Hahahaha! I like that!

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