Monday, April 12, 2010

" BISOU BISOU coctail tube PARTY DRESS-item listed in my store "

I praise God for all the wisdom, the chances,opportunities, that He has blest me,especially, when the door of opportunity closes, He absolutely opens another door of opportunity. He has proven Himself to me that my hands will never go empty in times of need. He will always provide. I may not be rich as other people are in this world, but God is my riches. The best thing my time of need, HE ALWAYS OPEN HIS DOOR FOR NEW OPPORTUNIES.Being an Enterpreneur is not my line, but in season when I needed it, He gave it to me, and taught me how, and I accepted the chance to learn how to sell.I also did some readings like enterpreneur magazines, books, ask people who are in online business, research in internet how to improve.My goal is to be resourceful, in order for me to survive in any season that I face in life.

That is why, I am declaring God's greatness in my online extension which is my own Online Store.The thing that i will do in this new online store of mine, is that ,it's part of maximizing my online business.

I still have my ebay store :GREEN SCARF BOUTIQUE, in which items that definitely be sold on ebay, i will sell it on ebay.Then some items that can be sold easily and the item could be picked -up from my place will be sold in CRAIGSLIST.COM -my id in craigslist is and in my craigslist listing ,after description is written, i will post the link of my own online store for the buyers to see other of my items, that includes my ebay store. remember the difference of craigslist and ebay.Craigslist is free, while ebay has lsiting fee and final value fee, plus paypals transaction fee. If you have your own online store you only pay for the domain for $ 19.00, that's it. These are based on my research, and number of interviews from my friends who sells online.These are ways to maximize my income through online business.

Blogging, is on my process of learning, maybe end of this year, i can master the different strategy in developing the best content.That is my long term goal and i know i will make it because writing is part of my life...lots of my written journals, that needs to be edited.Writing is where i write my life, to direct me in the future ,when i am mislead.When I read what I have written way back years gives me a some kind of pathway, it ignites a fire, for me to see the direction to where i am heading.

So,to all my dear friends, who wants to shop, or make a deal with me if you like some items in my online stores, please let me know.My store has my contact information.

Visit my stores:
ebay store: GREEN SCARF BOUTIQUE- sometimes items are not avialble for posting in a week, but each month,there are about 30- 80 items listed.
NOTE: if you live here in the Bay Area Ca. and you are interested to learn the Basic of selling in ebay, please email me @ I am an EDUCATION SPECIALIST TRAINED BY ebay. The fee is $ 55.00- 3-4 hours session.

The Lord is great.I learned to be confident in the Lords provision.Each day is just enough for itself. What we have for tomorrow is His chance to think hard at night, how to provide our needs the next day, so when we wake up, His provision is available.

To God be the glory!!!

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  1. may just continue posting on your blog.. you will surely profit from it. Me? I am now approve sa other 3 sites na mag pay.. you can make it coz your good in writing.. just continue posting... bisan 100 words lang.ako na bahala mag register sa paid post..