Saturday, September 3, 2016

Preschool Teacher - Love my Life's Calling

I thank God for today, for the good night sleep, a new beautiful sunrise, a cold morning, another opportunity to live life to the fullest. Yesterday at school was busy but blessed day with my students. I was happy watching them started doing their journal as pre-k. It's exciting to see these kids progress over a year right before they will become a Kindergarten student. Most of all... I am happy to see them grow spiritually. Sharing God's word to them as a preschool teacher is a great opportunity for them to know Jesus during their early years. I am blessed to have that chance. I feel victorious each time I pray and read the Bible to these kids. You can never under estimate a preschool teacher. The life we share with these kids is an amazing impact for their early childhood growth. We are the foundation of their basic learning right before Kindergarten. I love my work. I love my class! It's awesome!

May we all have weekend of opportunities to share kindness to others! Smile and the World will smile with you!


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