Saturday, January 30, 2010


I remember every now and then, when i was in College, I always see this picture in my mind...that I was walking along the road with big trees beside me with its fall leaves colored yellow, and orange...I was walking, and as i walked, I opened my arms wide and looked up in the sky.I was yet in the Philippines at that time.Right now, I see those fall leaves in my own eyes, I walked through it,i touched it, my hubby, me and my kids, are always passing by on those trees with fall leaves having bicyle time at the park.How beautiful You are Lord.You made all things beautiful in Your own perfect time and place.

Another, was I saw these bushes in my mind like a big picture of bushes, dead bushes across the Street ,where I walked, and suddenly, I felt the fresh wind blowing the bushes...and I felt the peace of God inside me.Now, here in California, 3 blocks away from my house, across the street right before the owner cut it off....Those were huge bushes....of dead planted rice.amazing!!!

Furtheremore, before I only see in my mind the very fresh looking brook, or deep creeks with cold water running with a very refreshing sound that soothes to my soul. Now I see it especially winter season when we go to Lake Tahoe, I love watching the running fresh is so refreshing.

Lastly, I loved watching the sunset way back then in the Philippines. I remember In Capitol University every time i did my Board exam. review at the library, i always saw the beautiful sunset and this colleidoscopic color of the skies that really made me praise the Lord, and just lifting Him up in my life.I really, really, loved the view.Now here where I live, along Mission Blvd. especially summer and fall, everytime I drive in that Street, WOW!!! the beauty of the sun is just amazing!!! the sun is so huge!!! it amazes me!!! and beautiful and its beyond description, that really would lead me to just thank God and praise Him, it's a very uplifting sunset.

Indeed, I always treasure the scenic view here in the States, I may never know, one day I will be back in the Philippines ( in God's perfect I say it ) for good, I will truely miss the view.GOD'S beauty is indeed BEYOND DESCRIPTION.

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