Saturday, January 30, 2010


Once I was a young girl, had life with simple joys, simple desires, filled with content, all I felt was God's peace inside me. Everytime I felt that peace inside, my day was complete.Since I was 12 years old, all my priorities I gave to Him.Then He blest me, and blessed me...

Until, one day, life was full of schedules, it's hard to organize, hard which one to prioritize, and you end up frustrated, when things are not done, and when plans would end up messy.Life can be disappointing when you make more mistakes than before, mistakes that you did not intend to just happened.What will I do? It's tiring to the soul.

When I see this green forest, it reminds me of having a fresh soul, knowing that life is imperfect, and out of imperfections, you need to accept your own imperfection. It doesn't mean you stop there, you take some rest as well, and allow God to refresh your soul, make it cool down, by reading His word, and pray night is best for me to cry, to groan whatever. After a while, when your soul is refreshed you move on, by then life might be easier to handle when you have a refreshed soul like that of the green fresh, cool, forest.

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