Friday, April 23, 2010


The whole being of a woman, is precious, and priceless because the womans value, it cannot be bought at any price, the price is too high!!! where no money,no silver and gold can buy.It's very fragile,that nobody must break her.A woman loves herself, she takes good care of herself every single day.She goes to the mirror before she goes to work, or somewhere else, and before she lie down to bed, she will again look at herself in the mirror. A woman must be loved dearly, gently, no matter who she is there is no such thing or reason, that anybody can break her.And when a person will break her, then she is broken like a broken glass.

when the woman is broken, the broken glass will never be back again.The pain, the bruises, can hardly be forgotten,though it was healed.Only God can make her whole again, and nobody else.The past will hunt her every now and then, but then she fight for it, and say, I'm whole again in Jesus name. And when someone would like to break her again, she would say...I will never allow anybody to break me this time, nobody in any way.God is standing before her, with angels in heaven,that if she is hurt, God will take revenge in behalf of her.She will be vindicated.God saw her pain, God saw how she was broken,He will protect her for the rest of her life.

The broken glass is whole right now,but she will never let herself be broken like a glass this, God is the one molding her, into a new glass as clear as crystal.He is refining her, into a well refine glass, that is only God can touch.Her life and soul belongs to Him alone.She will never let herself be broken again.

Now that the broken glass is fixed, anybody that touches her, God's armies will rise up against anybody who will break her, God will raise up His army and fight for her, and take revenge in behalf of her.

So, we should not under estimate the womans fragility, because if we do,God will be our enemy.A woman must be loved,taken care of, be respected.A woman is precious, and priceless in the sight of God!!!

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