Friday, April 23, 2010


I saw a white angel today with wings kneeling close to my door step, and suddenly i heard a quiete voice saying : you will be ok.
Now I see God's angels coming down to protect me.
I just declared this morning that : " God raise up your armies, and let your angels come down for me." And now I just saw an angel kneeling .I was teary eyed , in a sudden, I felt God inside me, assuring me that He is there for me.What a miracle of faith!
I heard a voice saying : move on!!!
We are here now guarding you.
I heard a voice saying : do what you need to be doing now.Do it now.
The miracle of confession and declaration is much more powerful when you are at war!
God cannot say no!, to fight in behalf of you.
God is so powerful that enemies will tremble, and be scared of His wrath!
I saw an angel today
and they are with me and my kids.
I just saw an angel today!!!

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